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Cinematography (excerpt)




Client: ProsiebenSat1 Digital (Germany)

Project:  The Social Hub explained

Short video for ProSieben's Social Media Department, to explain how a social hub works → Concept, Storyboard, Design, Animation, Sound


Client: Munchen.tv (Germany)

Project:  Munique

Design package for TV Magazine: opener, closer, lower third, wiper and infoscreen.

→ Concept, Storyboard, Animation



Client: Voice- and breathing coach Barbara Luft (Germany)

Project: Body correlations and breathing-types

Production of the complete DVD  with image and sound recordings. → directing, camera, editing, sound, DVD mastering



Client: Achmea Healthcare Insurances (Netherlands)

Project: Achmea - the most trusted insurer

Documentation of a fusion in text and video → interviews and overall concept, including layout. Produced three videos about 'milestone events' and provided two special video workshops for staff.


Client: Costa Rica Special Tours (Costa Rica)

Project: Pura Vida!

Series of promo videos about the nature and wildlife in Costa Rica → concept, camera, editing, marketing.



Client: Arte & Acción (Honduras)

Project: La cultura Maya

Educational Theater-/Videoprojekt with eight elementary schools → concept, monitoring, camera, editing, sound


Client: ICAT / / Universidad Nacional (Costa Rica)

Projects: Nowhere like Limon and Polifonías

Documentary about heritage projects in Costa Rica → camera, editing



Client: Teachers in Media (Netherlands)

Project: KlasseTV

Internet portal with digital learning materials for primary schools → Editorial, direction, camera & editing


Client: TV station NCRV (Netherlands)

Project: Beste Buurtplan van Nederland

TV broadcast → camera reporter and editorial



Client: TV station RNN7 (Netherlands)

Project: Nieuws uit Holland

Video reporter for News Program → editorial (including voice-over writing), interviews, camera, editing.



Client: Zig Zag Film (Netherlands)

Project: Vrouwen om van te houden (Winning Women)

Documentary by Jane Waltman, broadcasted by NPS (Dutch public broadcaster) → Camera



Client: Zig Zag Film (Netherlands)

Project: Samenspel

Series of socially committed films → Editorial, acquisition, production and editing




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